Rising Tide, or mułaa, is about more than just surfing. We want to inspire and encourage all Indigenous Peoples to be with nature and have the confidence to take up space in their traditional territories. To do this, we are grateful for our supportive community.

How Can I Support?

How Can I Connect?

Media Requests: We are grateful for the public interest in our story. While we welcome inquiries from members of the media, filmmakers, writers, and researchers, we do not have the capacity to respond to all of them.


Prior to making such an inquiry, we encourage prospective collaborators to ensure that they have a sufficiently developed understanding of Indigenous resilience, resurgence, and self-determination. We hope to share our story and to collaborate with community members who have a deep understanding of the history colonialism and sensitivity to its on-going legacy, which is by nature violence against Indigenous peoples, their communities, and their cultures. Please read more about responsibilities and expectations for being in community with us on our Community Support Page.